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If what you are looking for is not the classic canopy but a personalized and elaborate structure, you are in the right place!


We boast matured experience in the world of punctual fastening and in creating customized projects and complex structures.


Look at our gallery and discover some of our special projects.

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Sede Dianflex s.r.l - Atena Lucana (SA)
Soppalco in vetro, Potenza
Copertura per una pizza pubblica, Provincia Salerno
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From custom shapes
to more complex structures

Glass roof


Enhance the outdoor space and at the same time protect yourself from the strong sun or bad weather?


For your glass roof in the garden you can evaluate the use of a sunscreen finish without sacrificing transparency and brightness.

Pensiline Speciali vetro acciaio alluminio

Entrances, large roofs.


Entrances for residential/public buildings, businesses, shops etc... Customize your coverage and adapt it to your space.

  • customizable glass

  • Send us your project or rely on our professionals

Pensiline vetro Speciali

Transparent architectures and punctual fixing

Point fixing technology allows you to create real suspended structures
and glass sculptures.



There are no impossible projects. We love challenges!

We create customized structures thanks to our technique and experience
in glass processing and punctual fixing technology.

Soppalco in vetro acciaio Faraone
Soppalco in vetro acciaio Faraone

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