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Glass balustrade systems
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Choose from different glass railing models and make
balconies, terraces, stairways, walkways, fences, pool edges trendy and safety

Glass balustrade systems are a widely used product in the context of building works, in outdoor applications, but also in houses interiors, in public and private buildings. Although they may appear to be a simple and linear product, the glass parapets hide a series of technical complexities, both in terms of design and execution.


The type of glass railing to use is not dictated only by aesthetic reasons, but above all by the intended use. Among the requirements for the choice, the resistance to horizontal static linear load per linear meter, the maximum permissible bending and the behaviour to be respected in the event of breakage of one and/or both glasses are of importance.


Sabatino Faraone, for over fifty years in the field of glass and metal constructions, has always fought to guarantee the safety of the glass balustrade systems and of the installation, also contributing to a diffusion of the collective sensitivity relating to the role of protection - and not only aesthetic - that increasingly characterize contemporary architecture.

Ninfa the series 6,

glass balustrades for architecture.

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