Determination is not enough,

rely on professionals!

Witnesses of Faraone’s Transparent Architectures.

Mimmo Di Donato

“I chose Faraone because it is the top partner for glass accessories. […] ”

Alessia Stefanelli

"A dream that comes true: “To
walk along the Cinque Terre and
enjoy a certified, safe panorama
where people can have a
nice safe walk taking the whole
family with them and leaving problems
or worries aside”.[...]".

Arzuffi Gabriele

“Faraone has a bigger pace than other companies […]. From a technical point of view, with its own inside lab […], from a commercial point of view, with its assistance, catalogues, estimates, technical support and the ability to find new solutions. […]”

Silvia Grisoni

”Sabatino’s energy is incredible[…]”

Federico Faneco

Faraone is the right company to meet
our customers’ needs. […]”

Michele Notarangelo

“When I make a glass pillar that’s been studied and projected together with the Faraone company, it always results to be beautiful […]”

Massimo Mozzillo

“The Faraone company is in constant innovation to help us in the growth of our own companies, always in respect of the regulations that are in continuous update, presenting new products in order to take other niches of the market [...]".

Cesare Alaia

“It was my first experience here at Faraone and it was really a unique experience. […] Today I would still recommend Faraone to so many architects and customers […]”

Fabio Covi

“I chose Faraone because it is a company that keeps us always ahead with innovation, refinement in products and, of course, the intrinsic quality of the product. […] “It is not only a supplier but it’s a partner with whom to make big projects”.

Arch. Donatella Capaldo 

“I choose Faraone because it is a reliable company. […] It’s all studied. It’s not just a piece of glass put there. Everything is studied. […] The result is then visible in the care for the details. […]”

Getting in touch with Faraone today
means interacting with half a century of experience

in the world of glass projects.