Head quarter Faraone

After 50 years of activity, renews itself and continues to innovate the world of Transparent Architectures

Glass balustrade are the main field of our company that is involved in continuous investments in technological research, innovative developments and special attention to services,

in a logic of “made in Italy” trademark.

square meters of factory surface


ISO:9001, UNI:9001, EN: 9001.

training meetings throughout Italy

From 2005 to today, the Faraone training seminars allow us to position ourselves as a point of reference as far as Transparent Architecture is concerned.

We are the first in Italy to highlight and promote the regulations on balustrades and railings.

designers involved

The experience of the Faraone Truck and the courses aimed at professional workers in the sector maintain a continuous dialogue with the designers.

The Customer Care service is dedicated to glassmakers, door and window fitters, installers, designers, interior decorators and final customers in order to provide all-round support.


Not only balustrade and glass railings but also point fixed facadescurtain wallcanopiespartition walls, doorsiconic glass.


Continuous training courses for our staff, our partners and designers from all over Italy contribute to a synergic growth for the benefit of the end customer. Technical consultancy, qualified engineering, information manuals, product tests, offer a unique package of perceived quality.


Getting in touch with Faraone today means interacting with half a century of experience in the world of glass projects.

About us

"I chose Faraone because it is the top
partner for glass accessories […]”.

Mimmo Di Donato
Palumbo Glass

“It was my first experience here at Faraone and it was really a unique experience. […]

Today, I would still recommend Faraone to so many architects and customers […]”.

Cesare Alaia
Eurocristal snc

“Faraone has a bigger pace than other companies […]. From a technical point of view, with its own inside lab […], from a commercial point of view, with its assistance, catalogues, estimates, technical support and the ability to find new solutions. […]”

Arzuffi Gabriele
Arzuffi serramenti

50 years of activity in the world

of Transparent Architectures