Roland Garros stadium – Paris

Daniel Vaniche et Associés (movable cover).


Tecnology Ninfa stadio with laminated tempered glass.


meters installed
800 meters.


dimensional data
10,000.00 sq m (cover)

Sections of the entrance gateways



The intervention is part of the renovation project for the Roland Garros, a stadium dedicated to one of the most famous French heroes of the Great War and located near the Parc des Princes in the southwest of Paris.


For the central Philippe-Chatrier court, the reconstruction of the existing stands and the formation of a retractable steel roof were planned: this new imposing device, positioned at a height of 31 meters instead of 26 meters of the previous structure, is made up of 11 high-strength steel box beams, each with a weight of 320 tons and a height of about 3 meters, covering a span of over 100 meters.

There are 5 technical solutions for the access gateways to the grandstands.


The sections of the details are shown in the plan and in the prospect drawing.

Progetto e fornitura NINFA a cura di Faraone Srl.



Storyteller - Stadiums and sports facilities
Roland Garros 2019, Court Philippe-Chatrier

Safety is a fundamental factor especially when it comes to stadiums or crowded public places.
The Faraone company has always promoted the use of high-performance balustrades by carrying out thrust and impact tests both in the laboratory or at certified bodies, and then on site. UNI 13.200 Resistance to thrust 500 kg/m.


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