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The facade is certainly the distinctive feature of a building, the one that strikes you at first glance.

Even today, glass is one of the most chosen materials by designers for building cladding or for the redevelopment of historical/cultural areas, thanks to its aesthetic versatility and its continuous technological evolution.

Discover the world of point-fixed facades and let yourself be inspired.


let yourself be inspired

Mountain hut "La Baracca" - Passo del Tonale
Ferrari dealership - Rome
Capodichino Airport
Imperiale Hotel
"Sandro Penna" library - Perugia
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Glass and accessories all to customize

Colourful accessories


A pinch of liveliness in contrast with total transparency.

Have fun combining colours, playing with contrasts, or choose an elegant single-colour solution.

Curtain walls Klima (laminated glass)
Facciate sospese alluminio vetro Air System

Mediateca "Sandro Penna", Perugia (PG)


Play of light and chromatic effects


A facade that does not go unnoticed!


From dark glass for an elegant and reserved effect, to the brightest colours for a striking, original and characteristic structure.

The plates are fully customizable with graphics or colours.


Wine cellar, Poderi dal Nespoli, Nespoli (FC)


vetrissimo rosa

Valuing the territory

Facciate sospese alluminio vetro Air System

Palazzo del seggio - Lecce (LE)


Art and historical architecture form the basis of our cultural heritage.

Enhancing and upgrading them means restoring added value to the territory.


The transparent architectures allow to bring to light our beautiful works without contaminating the aesthetics but returning the maximum safety



Temple/Cathedral of the Rione Terra - Pozzuoli (NA)



Aragonese castle, Calvi Risorta (CE)


Transparent architectures and point fixing

Not just facades! Point fixing technology allows you to create real suspended structures and glass sculptures.



There are no impossible projects. We love challenges!

We create customized structures thanks to our technique and experience in glass processing and punctual fixing technology.

Soppalco in vetro acciaio Faraone
Soppalco in vetro acciaio Faraone

Facades with point fixing

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