Over 50 years of history


“Every day we prepare to innovate the world
of Transparent Architectures"

Sabatino Faraone

  • Feb 4, 2020


    Mr. Sabatino Faraone sets up the company, which still bears his name, in 80 squares meters area. The team is composed of a workman and tree apprentices.


    Sabatino Faraone in his first office

  • Feb 4, 2020


    The company moves to a 2.000 square meters new corporate headquarter.


    First production shed

  • Feb 4, 2020


    Mr. Faraone joins his first worker, a surveyor and an accountant, building with them a new company named SEVA, whose purpose was to follow minor projects.

  • Feb 4, 2020


    First in Italy in the production of aluminum ladders for industrial use. A year later it will become a separate division: IMA, today Faraone Industrie S.p.A.
    (leader in Europe with production in Italy, Spain and Poland) led by Sabatino's brother, Piero Faraone.


    First catalog of aluminum stairs

  • Feb 4, 2020


    In the 80’s Faraone Group begins a sustained period of growth, especially in 1988, when they launched the revolutionary “SOLARIA”: a ventilated double-skin facade with thermal transmittance to a value of 0.94 W / m² K and noise reduction up to 55 dB (certified by ISTITUTO GIORDANO).


    Solaria facade catalog

  • Feb 4, 2020

    Anni '90

    The group gains significant knowledge and expertise in producing aluminium staircases and continues to grow considerably.

  • Feb 4, 2020


    Faraone broadens its horizons to new types of facades with punctual fixing in stainless steel, innovative in the Italian market, creating a line of products (facades, canopies, doors and glass partitions) ensuring professionalism and quality.


    First catalogue Facades with punctual fixing
  • Feb 4, 2020


    Research and innovation have always been the flagship of the Faraone group that presents itself at SAIE 2, in Bologna, with the first steel&glass staircase, designed by the architect Mauricio Cardenas Laverde. It was an important step toward becoming a more recognized international reality, setting research and innovation as undisputed Faraone Group’s trademarks.


    First catalogue glass and stainless steel staircases
  • Feb 4, 2020


    New products with an exclusive design are born: railings and balustrades in stainless steel, stainless steel-like aluminum and glass.

    Ninfa was born in this year, the first complete system of certified all-glass railings.


    First catalogue of balustrades in stainless steel and aluminium, first sytem Ninfa all-glass
  • Feb 4, 2020


    Linea is born, the first certified all-glass canopy, with projection up to 1.5 m with resistance up to 300 kg/m (snow load required 200 kg/m).

    On this occasion we were, with great pride, first ahead of France and Germany.


    Pensiline vetro alluminio

    All-glass canopy

  • Feb 4, 2020


    The Spazio series arrives, the new partition wall made of minimal glass and aluminium profiles only. A trendy system that we propose complete with accessories and semi-finished swing or sliding doors.

    Thanks to the success of the product, it has been expanded into the range of profiles for wall heights up to 4 meters and more range of accessories.


    Pareti divisorie vetro alluminio Spazio
    Spazio System Partition Walls
  • Feb 4, 2020


    Following the success of the Spazio system, glass and aluminium door systems were also studied: Velo, Velo 2, Velo Compact and subsequently the Velo Alu series with aluminium frame.


    All-glass door system, Velo model
  • Feb 4, 2020


    The family of all-glass balustrades expands even more with the launch of the new NINFA 5, the fifth generation.

    The Ninfa 5 family includes innovative systems designed to be even more performing and safe and to be adapted to any type of fixing.


    Transparent panorama on the city of Naples with Ninfa
  • Feb 4, 2020


    The Faraone Company turns 50!

    An important and satisfying goal. A symbol of strength, constancy and commitment, but also of passion for our job.


    Part of the Faraone team at MadeExpo 2019 on the occasion of the company's 50th anniversary

  • Feb 4, 2020


    The Faraone Campus is born

    Over the years, the Faraone company has always carried out initiatives and invested resources in training. In 2020 we brought to light an even more ambitious project: "The Faraone Online Campus", a training course for designers, glassmakers, window makers and operators in the sector.

  • Feb 4, 2020


    Official presentation of Ninfa the 6 series

    Once again, the reference point of glass parapets, Faraone presents the sixth series of the NINFA collection, the reference technology on the market for parapets with a high technical content.

    The first release of the series of various models is:
    NINFA 106, The minimal & performing glass parapet. It is a technological innovation for balconies, terraces, stairways, walkways and fences.