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simple stairs

The staircase today is not only a functional architectural element, on the contrary, very often it is the real protagonist of our environment and can influence the entire style and personality.


Start designing the scale of your dreams and have fun combining custom styles and finishes.

Pure emotions

dream big

We’ll take care of the rest

Curved and sinuous shapes or square and minimal design.

Total transparency or custom colours and finishes.

There are practically no limits!

Each project is a unique piece.

We take care of every detail and guarantee the maximum safety of the structures we build.


The transparency of the glass gives the staircase a light and luminous appearance and the elegance of its forms makes it a real work of art.


Are you imagining your scale yet?

Otherwise, let yourself be inspired by our creations.

Let yourself be inspired

Private Villa, Napoli
Mathis staircase, Montevideo
Titania staircase, Billionaire Istanbul
Imperiale staircase, Vigevano
Golden Scale of Panama
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the difference is in the details

Customize your finishes and make your environment unique

Scala vetro acciaio Mathis
Scala vetro acciaio Mathis

Not just structural accessories.

Metal parts and transparencies blend in perfect harmony.

white-glove treatment

We know well the importance of every single step that

allows you to transform your ideas into a finished product.

From design to installation.


Our experts are prepared to perform all assembly operations by handling

with the utmost care the structure and paying attention to fine materials.




Full stairs

Stair railings

If you already have a stair structure but want a glass balustrade


Design your staircase now or request more information