We are Green

Faraone chooses sustainable and recyclable raw materials
for its products and their packaging.
The management of its own particular waste is accomplished according to the italian legislation. (D.LGS. 152/2006 E SS.NN.II.)



Glass is the sustainable material par excellence.
Glass can be reused an unlimited number of times, while keeping its properties intact. In addition, at the production level, re-melting the waste material implies a lower waste of energy and raw materials. It is also an energetically advantageous material for its applications in architecture and design. (Such as, for example, the application of glass with photovoltaic cells for the balustrades).


Aluminium is today one of the most common materials in the construction sector, both because it is optimal for countless uses and, from an environmental point of view, for its quality, thanks also to the new carbon-free
production methods. To date, aluminium is one of the best choices in terms of sustainability, as it is a 100% recyclable material and it allows to significantly reduce energy consumption during production, while maintaining its qualitative performance intact.




Steel is thought to be the most recycled material in the world, of which Italy holds the record in Europe with about 80%.
High strength and durability make it an essential material in the construction world, as well as beneficial for the environment and the economy.


All our packaging is made with recyclable materials, starting from
the cardboard used to make the product packaging up to the plastic used for the pallets.