Domus - September 2023

Transparent architectures.

There is a marked trend nowadays for creating buildings that are characterized by spaces that flow seamlessly between inside and outside.

Domus september 2023

In response to this demand, Faraone, drawing on over fifty years of manufacturing experience, supply innovative products for the world of transparent architecture: balustrades, canopies, facades, doors and glazed partitions that are based on the use of point-fixing technology. In particular the glass balustrade division, that has seen over 1,100,000 metres installed since 2009, has become a benchmark for state-ofthe-art design in glass that are installed in all kinds of situations: from historic buildings to shopping centres, as well as in offices and hospitality settings but also transport facilities, sports centres, healthcare and education buildings.


There is no limit to the application of glass: interior and exterior partitions that are extremely durable, with square as well as curved lines depending on design requirements. The company identifies the most suitable range and develops it using engineering software, carrying out in their own laboratories the necessary stress and impact tests required by law. In this way, unique levels of performance, durability and safety are guaranteed, with some products also reaching glazing heights of up to 1.5 m.

Faraone are constantly involved in research, searching out new possibilities for glass to respond to the needs of designers.

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lombardini 22 - Ninfa glass railings