Divide your environment

in full transparency


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Spazio, glass and aluminium partition walls and integrated doors. The ideal solution to divide your environments in full transparency.

  • Spazio

    A complete system of aluminium profiles with minimal sections and numerous accessories for the easiest installation possible.

  • Adjustment

    Fully adjustable from the inside, with variable heights based on the glass installed.

  • Fast installation

    It is equipped with the standard accessories to favor it a quick installation.

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Why choose Spazio?

The ideal solution to remodel your environment in safety and transparency


Many types of walls

for all your environments


Door with fixing

on masonry

Corner detail

Coupling of aluminium profiles

Door on masonry

Door on partition













Organize your environments with elegance and functionality

Working at home? Start redesigning your smart working of tomorrow:


Having an office space in your home helps with concentration and productivity.


If you don't have an entire room at your disposal?

However, you can carve out a small corner in the bedroom or living room to build your personal studio and choose whether to opt for maximum transparency or create a privacy zone.


How do you imagine your ideal work environment?

Functionality and design also for offices

Open space VS closed offices 


The current mood for the design of domestic and working environments is to create open and multifunctional spaces.


In some cases, however, the Openspace solution can make the workspace very dispersive, noisy and in general less functional.

Pareti divisorie Spazio in vetro e alluminio

There are alternatives

Choosing glass partitions allows several advantages:

  • Large and bright spaces

  • Sound insulation

  • Rooms with more privacy

Invisible walls

or privacy corners

functionality and versatility:

Prima Dopo

Thanks to the wide possibilities of customizing the glass, you can choose between a totally transparent environment or particular finishes and graphics to have a corner of total privacy.

Complete the system with our range of swing doors.

System with hinged door.

With manual or automatic hinge.


Personalize your space

with graphics and decorations

Pareti divisorie Spazio in vetro e alluminio
Pareti divisorie Spazio in vetro e alluminio

Watch the assembly video

We carry out your project!

both public
and private

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and on Safety