The Golden Stair – Panama


dimensional data
36,000 m2 (surface of intervention)


prchitectural designer:

Arch. Carlos A. Ott


structural designer

Eng. Stefano Romeo Pasquini


3D modelling consulting

Geom. Antonio Romilio


lighting technology design



general contractor

Faraone Architetture Trasparenti


manufacturer of metal structures:

Orsini & Blasioli

Panama's Golden Staircase

Las Américas Golden Tower is a luxury hotel and business center located in the city's financial district and overlooking Panama Bay. The building, characterized by its helical shape and large glass surfaces, includes 285 rooms, a congress hall, meeting rooms, three restaurants, a gym, a spa and an indoor swimming pool.


The Golden Scale of the Las Américas GoldenTower is a unique project, designed and built in Italy and based on the original architectural concept drawn up by the South American Archistar Carlos A. Ott, the designer of the entire building.

Geometrically, the stair exceeds a difference in height of about 7.5 meters and has a plan extension of approximately 11 meters in length and 4 meters in width. If you look at the plan, it reminds of a drop of water, with a cusp at the height of the two landings and with a large round curve at 3.80 meters above ground.

Laminated tempered extra-clear glass 12+12+12 for steps and landings. Try and walk on the stair in total suspension, it seems as if you were flying.


The load-bearing structures are made of curved plates welded together to form a tubular section that follows the staircase in its path and provides the supports for the glass steps and landings. These structures have large apertures along their development, inside which curved laminated glass sheets are installed.

Chromatically, the bearing structures are painted black on the outer wall and gold-coloured along the inner wall which, among other things, houses the LED lighting system that rhythmically accompanies every single step.


The central black column is also made of metal structure and consists of a triangular section prism that slides to the top through a circular junction, creating a singular geometric game.

The design of the Golden Stair has put the entire staff to the test for the complexity of the work , but also for the required precision, which has to be inserted into spaces already created and with very little margin of error.

Design, supply and installation by Faraone Srl.

  • 1. anchoring system for the inserted glass, totally inspectable area.

  • 2. glass 10+10 laminated with PVB 1.52.

  • 3. clamps.

  • 4. step in tempered structural glass 10+10+10 laminated with SG (rigid plastic).

  • 5. punctual fixings with stainless steel accessories.

  • 6. anchoring bracket welded to the supporting structure.

  • 7. supporting structure in steel.

  • 8. led.

  • 9. electrical cable.

  • 10. steel plate, th. 10 mm.

  • 11. fixing bolt.

  • 12. welds inside the steel bearing structure.


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The golden scale of Panama


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