A chat with Giampaolo Rossi: 'The importance of collaboration'


"We are currently working in the Romagna and non-Romagna Riviera, thanks also to a recommendation from Faraone, and we are taking advantage of this 'first contact' to propose the product in that area".


"We will soon finish a luxury residential complex, with a very high quality finish with a combination of glass and colour profile"


"The glassworks themselves had been familiar with the Pharaoh product for many years. I have had an exponential acceleration in getting to know the product because in two years I have seen so much Faraone"


"If you do a bad job, there is a very serious loss of image, it takes very little to go from a Faraone Expert to a generic installer"


"If we have a company behind us that supports us when we have problems, not only do we make a good impression, but we are also stronger in dealing with the problems that inevitably arise on construction sites".



Partner Faraone Expert: Vetreria La Nuova

Interview at Made Expo 2019: Giampaolo Rossi of Vetreria La Nuova di Forlimpopoli.


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