Have a chat with Luigi Amadei: 'Growing with Faraone'.


"Today our company, thanks also to our collaborators, is also present abroad, in the Caribbean, in Africa. We also have the brand for the United States".


"We do a lot of work, parapets, stairs all with Faraone profiles"


"A very innovative stand, different from the others. With some very interesting products on display that will also help us to be more competitive on the market."


"For this I have to thank Faraone, in particular Dr. Sabatino Faraone, who came to look for me at the time and we immediately hit it off and we still work well together and we are very happy about that".



Partner Faraone Expert: Vetreria Nuova Romagnola

Interview at Made Expo 2019: Luigi Amadei of Vetreria Nuova Romagnola

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