Have a chat with Massimo Mozzillo: 'Design glass work'.


"Faraone partner for several years"


"We carry out glass design work".


"Our aim is to convey a final emotion to the customer"


"Work: curved balustrade fitted with hidden profile. Realized thanks to a laser survey"


"We talk a lot with architects to find solutions to their needs".


"Glass balustrades that allow you to take advantage of the panorama or view".


"Places that can be used by children or for parties because the products are certified and compliant with standards" "Difference (of the glass balustrade) compared to the iron balustrade we had before, which did not allow the view"



Partner Faraone Expert: Idea Vetro

Interview at Made Expo 2019: Massimo Mozzillo of Idea Vetro in Caserta.


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