Multifunctional building F5 – Cuneo



Engineering study Lerda
heating system:
Termica Progetti

Studio Progetto Ambiente

electrical system:
Studio Tecnico Blangetti & Associati

dimensional data
2,800 m2 (surface of intervention)

The goal of the master plan is not only to meet current housing needs, but also to mix together different functions by creating an independent area. This vocation leads to a sustainable project, and for this reason every building will have a program of mixed purpose. F5, for example, is not only constituted by flats but also by offices and commercial spaces that are turned into retail spaces in the lower floors.


The shape of the building appears, almost obviously, as a rectangular volume oriented on an east-west axis, owing to the quality of the views of the surrounding landscape. The interior is organized in a simple and functional way. The ground floor is occupied by commercial spaces, allowing everyone to benefit from it easily. On the first floor are located the offices, with easy access for the employees without disturbing those who inhabit the building. All the above levels are dedicated to residences, with three stairwells and a lift serving each two flats per floor.

  • 1. floating wooden floor.

  • 2. silver anodized aluminum handrail.

  • 3. 10+10 mm tempered structural glass laminated with 1.52 mm PVB.

  • 4. Faraone technology mod. NINFA.

  • 5. mechanical fastening.

  • 6. steel bracket.

  • 7. fixings.

  • 8. water drain flashing.

  • 9. 3+3 mm finishing structural glass laminated with 1.52 mm white PVB.

  • 10. junction profiles.


All rooms offer a view on the Alpine surroundings, and the building is entirely surrounded by balconies that sometimes widen to become terraces.

The facades are covered with reflective glass that highlights the structures with colors in contrast with the rest of the building and creating a dynamic movement of the facades. Your use of the wood floor and the lining of ceilings evoke a domestic environment, heating the overall view of the building. The facade design can be seen as a tribute to Donald Judd, with a series of simple shapes that create a unique design.


The underground, consisting of three levels, house the garages and the cellars, in addition to the technical premises. The technical rooms are instead located on the roof of the building; the rest of it is completely covered with solar panels that provide enough energy to make the building energetically independent and increasing its sustainability.

Residences + Offices + Commercial areas

Supplied Product: Balustrade Ninfa 3

Arch. Duilio Damilano

Design and supply NINFA by Faraone Srl.


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